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Loïck Bonniot

C.S. Engineer / PhD Student

Computer enthusiast since I was 12, I'm building personal and professional software projects. I'm really concerned by IT security issues, especially regarding privacy. I sometimes publish some news about my open-source work, check out my tech blog!
C.S. Master, INSA Rennes 2017
Registered Freelance
Brittany, France
3BFC 709C D1C7 2BC8


Go Research Active
My main personal project right now, a research project towards a decentralized, byzantine fault tolerant database (source)

Master thesis at Amossys (2017)

Amossys logo
Python Cyber Virtualization Network

Internship at IBM Zürich (2016)

Go Research Blockchain Distributed Systems

Internship at Ideolys (2014 & 2015)

Web FullStack Node.js PostreSQL

Hurry Up! Rennes

Hurry Up! logo
A Pebble application to check Rennes transport network on your wrist
C JavaScript


An open-source system for role based party-games (like Mafia)
Node.js Realtime


InsaLan Logo
The web engine for a french e-sport association
PHP Symfony 2

Loups-Garous En Ligne

Lgel Logo
PHP SysAdmin Community Management

Distributed Fair Signature System

DFSS Screenshot
Go Security Research School

NFC Attack PoC

Relay attack access control implementation project for INSA Rennes (on Mifare DESFire cards)
Go Security


KYS Logo
A HTML5 powered rogue-like
Node.js MongoDB Realtime On Hold

... and many more!

Visit my Git{Hub,Lab} for more information!
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